• Junior “A” Tech Boxing, 10-12 yrs old
  • Junior “B” Tech Boxing, 13-14 yrs old
  • Junior “C’ Tech Boxing, 15-18 yrs old
  • Adult Tech Boxing, 19+ yrs old

Technical Boxing Fitness

  • Morning Boxing, 19+ yrs old
  • Evening Boxing 1, 19+ yrs old
  • Evening Boxing 2, 19+ yrs old
  • Late Night Boxing, 19+ yrs old

Sports Conditioning

General and Sport-specific training featuring athletic motor skills development that is central to playing sports at the elite level… training program can be designed to apply to any sport or athlete; taken as private 1-on-1, individual group or private sports teams.

The NLBA Glove System

Progressive Learning

The NLBA Glove System, adopted from Griffins Boxing and Fitness out of North Vancouver, is a progressive system of teaching Olympic-style boxing. It has been modified to suit NLBA Olympic-style boxing. It is designed to ensure that Olympic-style boxing is taught effectively and safely in a progressive manner. It ensures that the athlete has acquired all the vital skills effectively, completely and are capable of executing them voluntarily out of muscle memory. Below is a brief layout of the NLBA Glove System:


    • Everyone starts at the White Glove stage, where they will learn basic skills of boxing in a non-contact fashion. Then, after a successful acquisition of the basic skills of boxing, the “in-training” boxer would begin controlled introduction to sparring {contact}. They would continue developmental sparring thereafter until they are completely ready to graduate the White Glove stage according to the NLBA Glove System.

    • This is the stage when an “in-training” boxer is eligible to begin introduction to competition with simulated sparring. After a successful introduction to competition, the “in-training” boxer would graduate the Yellow Glove stage to enter competition as a Blue Glove.

    • Blue Glove is the stage when a certified boxer begins sanctioned Olympic-style boxing competition. A Blue Glove boxer has accumulated 0 to 5 sanctioned Olympic-style boxing bouts.
  • 4. RED GLOVE

    • Red Glove boxers have accumulated 6 to 10 sanctioned Olympic-style boxing bouts.

    • This is the final stage of the NLBA Glove System, it has three levels as follows:

    1st Degree – Accumulated 11 to 24 sanctioned Olympic-style boxing bouts.

    2nd Degree – Accumulated 25 to 39 sanctioned Olympic-style boxing bouts.

    3rd Degree – Accumulated 40+ sanctioned Olympic-style boxing bouts.

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