• Junior “A” Tech Boxing, 10-12 yrs old
  • Junior “B” Tech Boxing, 13-15 yrs old
  • Junior “C’ Tech Boxing, 16-18 yrs old
  • Adult Tech Boxing, 19+ yrs old

Boxing Fitness

  • Morning Boxing, 19+ yrs old
  • Evening Boxing 1, 19+ yrs old
  • Evening Boxing 2, 19+ yrs old
  • Power Up Fitness, 19+ yrs old

Sports Conditioning

General and Sport-specific conditioning central to playing various sports at the elite level: cardio, strength, power, speed, agility, coordination, etc. Get in the best physical shape and learn Olympic-style boxing skills with the New Line Boxing Academy and play your sport effectively, healthily, and safely.


Progressive Accreditation Learning

Athlete Development System – ADS, is a progressive accreditation system of teaching, learning, and developing Olympic-style boxers in a safe and effective manner. The System follows the Sport Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development model. The System aims for boxers to reach and eventually achieve the ultimate goal: win the Canadian National Boxing Championship. There are two broad stages to the System: Prerequisite to Competition and Enter Competition:


    Prerequisite to Competition is the the stage designed to teach grassroots boxers everything they need to know before they can be allowed to enter competition. After completing the Prerequisite to Competition stage, the grassroots boxer would be granted approval to enter competition, where they will compete safely and effectively.

      • Non-contact introduction to basic skills (learn to box)
      • Controlled introduction to sparring (learn-train to box)
      • Technical developmental sparring (learn-train to box)
      • Introduction to competition (learn-train to compete)

    This stage recognizes the grassroots boxer as a successfully trained athlete ready to enter competition according to the standard of the Athlete Development System. The progressive levels in the Competition stage are as follows:

      • Bronze Glove boxers have zero (0) to six (6) sanctioned Olympic-style boxing bouts, which is the beginning stage of their competitive career. They will compete against other bronze glove calibre boxers throughout to develop their competitive Olympic-style boxing skills and build their experience.
      • Silver Glove boxers have between seven (7) and eleven (11) sanctioned Olympic-style boxing bouts. They have sufficient experience and practical knowledge of competitive Olympic-style boxing. Therefore, they are now ready to begin their training for the Canadian National Boxing Championship.
      • Golden Glove boxers have eleven (11+) plus sanctioned Olympic-style boxing bouts. They are well conditioned and are now training specifically to own the Canadian National Boxing Championship podium.

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