• Junior “A” Tech Boxing, 10 – 12 yrs old
  • Junior “B” Tech Boxing, 13 & 14 yrs old
  • Junior “C’ Tech Boxing, 15 & 16 yrs old
  • Adult Tech Boxing, 17 & 18 yrs old

Technical Boxing Fitness

  • Morning Boxing, 19+ yrs old
  • Evening Boxing 1, 19+ yrs old
  • Evening Boxing 2, 19+ yrs old
  • Late Night Boxing, 19+ yrs old

Sports Conditioning

General and Sport-specific training featuring athletic motor skills development that is central to playing sports at the elite level… training program can be designed to apply to any sport or athlete; taken as private 1-on-1, individual group or private sports teams.

The NLBA Glove System

Progressive Learning

The NLBA Glove System, adopted from Griffins Boxing and Fitness out of North Vancouver, is a progressive system of teaching Olympic-style boxing. It has been modified to suit NLBA Olympic-style boxing. It is designed to ensure that Olympic-style boxing is taught effectively and safely in a progressive manner. It ensures that the athlete has acquired all the vital skills effectively, completely and capable of executing it voluntarily with muscle memory and instinctual reflexes from repetitive training. Below is a brief layout of the NLBA Glove System:


    • Non-contact introduction to fundamental skills of boxing with physical conditioning.
    • Controlled introduction to sparring with sparring calibre physical conditioning.
    • Developmental sparring to complete White Glove and advance to Yellow Glove.

    • Begin introduction to competition with our unique simulated sparring program, Friday Night Boxing.
    • After successful introduction to competition, you will graduate to Yellow Glove and begin competition as a Blue Glove boxer.

    • Blue Glove is the first stage when a certified boxer begins competition.
    • You must accumulate a total of six sanctioned Olympic-style bouts to graduate into the Red Glove category.
  • 4. RED GLOVE

    • Red Glove boxers must have six to ten sanctioned Olympic-style boxing bouts. Their 11th bout makes them a 1st Degree Black Glove.

    • Black Glove is our final stage of the NLBA Glove System. It has three levels as follows:1st Degree – Accumulated a total of eleven sanctioned Olympic-style boxing bouts.

      2nd Degree – Won a provincial title, made three attempts at it or accumulated a total of 25 sanctioned Olympic-style boxing bouts.

      3rd Degree – Won a Canadian national title, made three attempts at it or accumulated a total of 50 sanctioned Olympic-style boxing bouts.

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